These may be the days of 2 am feedings, favorite books on repeat and soccer practices but these are also the days of finding magic in messes, calm in chaos and savoring your “good ol’ days.” As a Mama of 4 boys I know that usually your life feels far from Instagram perfect but trust me sweet Mama’s, if you’ll take a peek behind my lens, I can see the lovely amidst the laundry piles.

Your lifestyle session will highlight the beauty I see in your precious family: the tender intimacy between a mama and baby, the silly inside jokes of a family and the joyful expectation of pregnancy.

I know it feels like an Olympian feat to coordinate outfits, schedule haircuts and find a moment to paint your nails, but it will be worth it. I bring a peaceful presence and insider #momlife tips to help you have a photo session filled with organic and stunning images you’ll find yourself lingering over on the days your coffee has turned cold and your toddler refuses to nap…again. 


Timeless imagery that captures the magic of the mundane.

I am here to help prep you for a successful session and walk through all the details you want captured in your lifestyle session. Your lifestyle session can mark a major milestone for your family like a maternity session, newborn session or yearly family photos or simply serve to slow down time to capture the timeless bond of your family. Your session can be held indoors or outdoors during any season of the year. 

Let’s bottle up your babies squishy cheeks, wild ones’ sparkling eyes and the exhausting exhilaration of living your best days together as a family and sprinkle the magic in the mess across your home’s walls and family photo albums to cherish for a lifetime.

 I would love to talk more to you about your family’s photo session desires.  

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If you think we’ll be a good fit together, fill out my contact form and let’s connect over a phone call. We’ll talk about your unique vision as well as all your hopes and dreams for your session!


Every family has their own priorities for their session, so collections are customized for each of my clients so that you get exactly what you’re looking for.

Once you review your costume collection, all that’s left is the signed agreement along with the forty percent retainer fee to make it official. 


We will email and voice memo back and forth to discuss all things aesthetics. From outfit selections to location choice we will design your vision to come to life! 


It’s here! Rest confident that the planning has been done and today is about you making memories with the ones you love most and letting me capture the magic you have invested into making inside the walls of your home. Enjoy one another, soak up every moment knowing I’m working my magic capturing embraces, sweet looks, and little details in a way that you’ll be able to relive over and over as you rock on your front porch next to your husband years from now.  


Your fully hand-edited images will be delivered around 3 weeks after your session. You’ll have access to an online image gallery, where you’ll be able to create favorite folders as well as order quality prints and products . 

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The portrait

holly jones

Besides being a true joy to work with- she made me feel so comfortable in front of the camera. She was professional and peaceful even with all the unpredictability of taking photos with kids. You can see this in all the beautiful moments captured in our photos. These photos are something I will cherish forever!

such a lovely experience

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For more details on custom lifestyle collections please connect with me!

Lifestyle collections begin at $500. 

I create custom collections for each of my clients based on their unique priorities and dreams for this season of life. Because I believe one size does not fit all for each family, these collections are curated to be sure you get exactly what you want from our session together. 

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Decide on your outfits now. Find what you feel amazing in first and then choose complimentary family outfits from there. Having outfits picked out and set out the day before your session gives you space to be present for your kiddos and all the unexpecteds that arise the day of the session. 


Any Mom tips for prepping for a peaceful photo shoot?


Babies are babies. Let them be how they are (napless, fussy, or just being stinkers) and I will work my magic :) Be prepared to laugh with them, interact with them being snuggly and silly! Just roll with their punches with a happy heart. Get in their world and play, laugh, and interact with them! Play ring around the rosie, peek a boo, snuggle, giggle or whatever silly things you do together on the reg that they love! Let this session be an extension of the unseen moments you have together. Prepare yourselves to let loose, be silly, and enjoy one another. It's the key to making memories and nailing the gold medal for the session. 


What if my kids are having a meltdown during the session?


I aim to provide you a timeless, intimate, and authentic gift with the photos I give you. A minimalist wardrobe draws attention to intimate moments with your babies instead of competing with the outfit. I recommend choosing colors like white, gray, cream, tan, brown, black, and subtle blues, tans, or pinks tend to withstand time instead of louder colors like reds, oranges, bright yellows, or hot pinks. For more details click here to download “My secret board for the perfect family photo outfit inspiration!”  


What kind of outfits and color palette should I choose?


Outdoor, in home, or in studio are all options for your session based on what the best fit is for you. 


Where will the pictures be taken?





2- 3 weeks is my estimated turnaround time for your images. 


How long will it take for me to get my photos?


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Are you already anticipating the struggle it can be to get everyone ready and out the door while still keeping everyone happy and smiling? You are in good hands!

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Creating the PERFECT family photo outfits!

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